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Hope DeLuca is a 19 year old singer-songwriter from Massachusetts. She has been singing and writing since age six, and has always loved everything about music - lyrics, melodies, production, and feelings. Growing up with Taylor Swift as a major influence, her lyrics are often the centerpiece of her music, crafting her melodies around words. Despite being impacted by other artists, she brings a whole different sound with her songwriting. Her lyricism is best described as descriptive and honest, tying in personal experiences with imagery to create songs that blend conversation and poetry. 
She first started releasing music in December of 2020, producing the EP "I'll Be Okay" during the outbreak of the pandemic, followed up with the release of "lost in a crowded room" and "it snowed today" the following year. Her self produced EP "The Other Side: The Acoustic EP" was released in May 2022, featuring songs about falling in love, heartbreak, and growing up. Constantly writing, she posts snippets on TikTok and Instagram, garnering thousands of views and reaching fans all over the world. 

Upon moving to Burlington, Vermont in 2021, DeLuca began playing shows all around town, building up from farmer's markets, fairs, & her college radio station to RadioBean, Monkey House, and Higher Ground in 2022.
With songs about growing, heartbreak, and mental health, DeLuca offers the soundtrack to her own coming of age story with relatability to all ages.

DeLuca has been described as a "gifted writer" with "soothing vocals and meaningful lyrics"

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"[DeLuca's songs] draw focus to her gorgeous sense of melody and emotionally forthright lyrics. All are worth playing!"

WRUV 90.1 FM

Quadio Media has described her music as "devastating" and "hauntingly beautiful"

Quadio Media

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